Start Model updating in structural dynamics a survey

Model updating in structural dynamics a survey

It is the authors' hope that this work will prove to be of value, especially to those who are getting acquainted with the research base and aim to participate in the application of model updating in industry, where a pressing need exists.

After model updating, the maximum frequency error of the first ten modes was decreased from 27.1% to 1.2%, compared with the test data.

The result shows the effectiveness of the proposed method and certain significance in parameter selection for model updating.

This gives evidence that the presented model updating scheme is feasible and efficient.

By comparing the modal strain energy changes between 'supermodel' and design model of combustor casing, the error locations of the reduced combustor casing modelling was highlighted by the error localization indicator.

Model updating is a common method to improve the correlation between structural dynamics models and measured data.

In conducting the updating, it is desirable to match only the measured spectral data without tampering with the other unmeasured and unknown eigeninformation in the original model (if so, the model is said to be updated with no spillover) and to maintain the positive definiteness of the coefficient matrices.

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