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Some of these are national, but with good localized versions for the city (those are the links here).

Follow us at, and These sessions introduce members of the basics procedures of reserving facility space, getting certified and checking out equipment, updating producer project pages, finding crew members online and submitting programs to air on Philly CAM. You must attend an orientation if you plan to take workshops, check out equipment and/or use our facilities.

For more information visit - TV Studio Crew is a 6-week class to train members in studio crew positions and general studio equipment operation.

We suggest you do not take the editing class until you have material shot that you are ready to work with.

This will allow you to maximize the skills learned in Adobe Premiere Pro by applying them to a direct project.

On October 23, 2009 Philly CAM started cablecasting on Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30.

This is a landmark achievement in a city that fought for 27 years to finally get its public access television Check the website and our monthly Email Newsletter which is sent monthly to all members.

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So how about a list of the best apps and mobile-optimized sites that every Philadelphian should have (or have bookmarked) on his or her smartphone? Well, at least according to some of my friends and some other well-known Philadelphians. But only a few select apps are really geared to Philadelphians or are essential for navigating and mastering the Philly experience.

) Of course, there are lots of mobile apps that Philadelphians can use.

For more information visit We offer a Test-Out option for Basic Field Production. Basic Field Production will certify you in the use of our field equipment which includes: Canon Vixia camcorder, tripod, mics (lavalier, handheld and shotgun/boom) and Lighting Kit.

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