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' Straight away, Mumsnet users guessed that she was the parent in question who believed her children's behaviour was 'rude and disrespectful'.

Just because you love yourself an ugly Christmas sweater doesn't mean you're a brown-nosin' Santa-lover.

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So we packed up the car, taking Bogey along with us, and headed down to Abilene, and by the end of the day we were heading home with Nana, and that is where her incredible adventure began.

How were the first few days of Nana being in the house with Bogey? At first Nana was really quiet and kept to herself because everything was so knew to her.

The vet then told us that we really needed to get a puppy to help Bogey get over the loss.

We found a Sheepdog in Abilene, Texas, about 10 hours away from us.

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Holy Moly Anchovie asked for advice on which parent is right in their parenting methods - and the internet has unanimously sided with her.

The unnamed mother posted cryptically on the forum that 'one of us thinks this type of behaviour is rude and disrespectful and needs to be nipped in the bud.'She wrote: 'The other thinks it's children being children and there's no sanctions needed - what do you think?

A deliciously fun gift to stuff in their stockings and spice up a secret santa, this burlap bundle contains deceptively black popcorn kernels that resemble Christmas Coal®.