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“Amiran Communications Ltd has been the sole distributor of Gamatronic UPS modular products both in Kenya and the wider East Africa since 2008. Amir Grinberg, General Manager, Amiran Communications Ltd.

When searching for a solution to protect your critical load, the most important factors are professionalism and reliability.

With over 40 years of experience, Gamatronic is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of modular Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems.

The critical and immediate challenge is ensuring the welfare of the internally displaced people, host communities, and population in the North- East.

Because our best-in-class courseware is developed by experienced experts in English language learning and taught by our specially trained teachers.

C-Soft V7 offers a user-friendly and flexible solution for a wide range of customers and vertical marke Cloudbass extends fleet with new HD-capable CBOB1Clients include Sky, BTSport, ITV, IMG and BBCCommunication inside the OB truck is secured by an ADAM intercom matrix from RTSRipley/Straubing, October 2014 Ripley-based Cloudbass Isle of MTV attracts 50 000 visitors to Malta with concerts by Nicole Scherzinger and Enrique Iglesias United responsible for recording of event for TV station MTVOn board the OB12, RTS equipment assured communications between United staff Burnsville, MN, October 20, 2014: This year marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Telex Airman 850 ANR headset – one of the most trusted and widely-used headsets in commercial aviation.

The Airman 850 first received FAA TSO approval in 2004.

Nigeria continues to face terrorist attacks in the northeast, a restive insurgency in the Delta region, and the perennial inter-communal violence across the middle belt.

At the root of the security challenges are high levels of poverty, joblessness, growing numbers of frustrated youth, and the degradation of natural resources and climate stressors.

It had spread to the major cities of the northern part of the country by the 16th century, later moving into the countryside and towards the Middle Belt uplands.

However, there are some claims for an earlier arrival. Abu-Abdullah Abdul-Fattah Adelabu has argued that Islam had reached Sub-Sahara Africa, including Nigeria, as early as the 1st century of Hijrah through Muslim traders and expeditions during the reign of the Arab conqueror, Uqba ibn al Nafia (622–683) whose Islamic conquests under the Umayyad dynasty, in Amir Muavia and Yazid periods, spread all Northern Africa or the Maghrib Al-Arabi, including present-day Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco.

Posters, Stickers and Other Print and Non-Print Materials Yoruba and Pidgin English Women for Empowerment, Development and Gender Reform (WEDGR) is adapting sections of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” into two local dialects: Pidgin English and Yoruba.