Start Note 2 email not updating

Note 2 email not updating

But despite all efforts to make things work as far as email is concerned, errors still happen and users still have problems. Here are some things you could do in case you cannot send/receive emails in your tablet.

Samsung and its carrier partners have issued a number of bug fixes and enhancements to help stabilize the software but carrier forums continue to fill up with complaints about Galaxy Note 2 Kit Kat problems.

I would like now to do the upgrade, but when I click on as explained here: nothing happens.

How can I upgrade my galaxy note 2 to the latest Android version available for the device?

Authentication error - is all it says Login to your email on the PC.

Go into Settings and see if you have 2 Step Verification enabled.

This is the most common reason for email failing to authenticate when you set it up on a new device. I think it was caused by: Reset ROM Disable the 2 Step from the PC on your Google Account.

Trying to add Gmail account following full reset and saying authentication failed. The Wi Fi needs to be active on your cellphone for this to work when you sync your phone again. Wait for it to reboot then in about 20 minutes try again. You can also bypass Google on your device by going to You Tube and putting your device name and bypass Google FRP.

However, for the uninitiated and those new to the Android operating system, the process can be a little bit confusing.