Start Okcupid online dating horror stories

Okcupid online dating horror stories

Rob Mockler, the film’s writer, directer, and editor, describes the film’s conception as part of a knee-jerk reaction to social media.

Through online videos, he taunts Kiya, dictating new lines of one-upmanship, and pushing her to cross them.

As the film progresses, so do Kiya’s ambitions; she ups her game to include kidnapping, assault, and even snuff films before she confronts her rival.

Three years ago, before I met the stinky/handsome man I currently share my life with, I was a twenty-year-old artsy fartsy idiot new to the Brooklyn dating scene.

And what better way was there to exact my newfound sexual freedom then to date the most horrifying string of men the internet had to offer? My dates were sometimes sad, oftentimes hilarious, and always horrifying.

Kiya’s driving force could be boiled down to one audience member in particular.

With each outrageous new stunt she pulls, this sneering viewer has a cutting commentary on her weak “attention whore” stunts.

Looking like a drowned rat, I mourned the loss of my bangin’ hair and smokey eye application and womped my way toward the throng of umbrellaed tourists and New Yorkers waiting before the unlit tree. My stomach twisted into a tight knot as the woman ran up to me. ” She barked, roughly grabbing my wrist and pulling me forward, “We’ve got a good spot over here! I saw Jack standing amongst the people, umbrella in hand, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other as the two of us approached. ” the small woman squawked, letting go of my hand and shoving me towards my date, “I found her! After gazing at the twinkling christmas lights through the haze of rain for a while, Jack invited me out to a diner so we could “get better acquainted.” I thought– moments before Sue invited herself along.