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Paleographic dating

But, here is an attempt at summary: By the term Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS), we are referring to the 850 documents, mostly in fragmentary fashion, that were discovered in the Judean Desert, in and around Qumran, between the winter of 1946/.

Again, Hurtado: Of course the one manscript that is of most popular and controversial interest is P52, that small scrap of text from the Gospel of John. There are no first century New Testament papyri and only very few can be attributed to the second century (P52, P90, P104, probably all the second half of the century) or somewhere between the late second and early third centuries (P30, P64 67 4, 0171, 0212).

Examples of Latin texts (and, exceptionally, French and English ones) will be studied from photocopies, slides, and manuscript fragments.

The course is designed for all those who have to deal with late medieval MSS.

He entrusts these scrolls to the staff of the American School of Oriental Research (Burrows, Trever, and Brownlee).