Start Pie chart labels not updating

Pie chart labels not updating

The taller the column, the greater number of times the value occurs.

After you finish editing the text, you can move the data labels to different positions as needed.

Note: The size of the title or data label box adjusts to the size of the text.

In the following steps, if your results do not resemble those listed in the tutorial, it is quite likely that you did not have the right part of the chart selected when you added the formatting option.

the name of the chart) or axis titles (the titles shown on the x, y or z axis of a chart) and data labels (which provide further detail on a particular data point on the chart), you can edit those titles and labels.

In addition to changing the text of labels, you can also change their appearance by adjusting formats.

Note: An axis label is different from an axis title, which you can add to describe what's shown on the axis. To learn how to add them, see Add axis titles to a chart in Office 2016.

When you edit a linked title or data label on the chart (instead of within a cell), that title or data label will no longer be linked to the corresponding worksheet cell, and the changes that you make are not displayed in the worksheet itself (although you will see them on the chart).

However, you can reestablish links between titles or data labels and worksheet cells.

The steps following creating the basic chart cover how to use some of the more common formatting features, which, if followed, will alter the basic chart to match the column chart shown in page 1 of this tutorial.

There are many different parts to a chart in Excel - such as the plot area that contains the columns representing the selected data series, the horizontal and vertical axes, the chart title and labels, and the horizontal gridlines.

If, for example, you change the title in a cell from "Yearly Revenue" to "Annual Revenue" — that change will automatically appear in the titles and data labels on the chart.