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Hardly ever do I feel there's somebody I recognise there on the page. These days I'm so used to it, it doesn't upset me any more.'Harvey was born and brought up in Dorset, and - notionally at least - lives there still, by herself, in a house by the sea.

Brash, poised, and gutsy enough to maintain a chilling austerity in the face of alt-rock overabundance, the album didn’t lack confidence.

Yet the disc’s title track is an exquisite exercise in agony, apocalypse, and sacrifice—a song that claws its way through an Old Testament minefield of metaphors for frustrated love.

Queenie” and the harrowing howler, “Man-Size,” made quite an impact nonetheless — SPIN named it the fourth best album of 1993 and put her on the cover two years later.

In the album’s wake, Courtney Love said, “The one rock star that makes me know I’m shit is Polly Harvey.

In an age of safe, docile, homogeneous pop music, Harvey's high threshold of angst has proved remarkably popular.

Her most recent album, Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, has sold some three million copies worldwide.

Loud, edgy, buzzing with feedback, they are full of intimations of anguish, craving and disturbance - the voice of confused, dysfunctional femininity.

A small, dark, pent-up bundle of anguish and fury throwing herself at the world, it has sometimes seemed as if an essential part of her fascination was watching to see if she would break.

Music pundits just want to analyse her, sifting the evidence of her lyrics and her pronouncements and drawing a portrait of an artist who is troubled for reasons that no one seems quite able to put their finger on. She has read the descriptions so often that the adjectives fairly trip off her tongue. And brittle, kind of extreme, depressive, moody.' Harvey recites this list with the barest trace of irony, then sighs.

'It's very, very rarely I ever feel that anyone gets at all close to who I feel I really am.

Harvey and Essam recorded the track in Bristol with Harvey’s long-time collaborator John Parish, who produced and mixed the track.