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More importantly though the Skellig is home to remarkably preserved monastic settlements which date from the 8For years those ‘above in Dublin’ have accused us in Kerry of living in the darkness… You see if you want to see the night sky in all its glory there’s no better place to be than in South Kerry – a designation granted by the illustrious International Dark-Sky Association!

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With 37 titles the men in the green and gold have dominated the sport since we won our very first All-Ireland in 1903. Michael was an altar boy at the local Cathedral, he went to primary school in Fossa and secondary school in St. The ultimate ‘lovely girls’ competition is to RTÉ what Fungi is to Dingle – and better still, it’s now hosted by our own Daithi O’Sé.

In comparison the Dubs have got their hands on the Sam Maguire a mere 24 times. A combination of the sublime and the ridiculous, and the people of Kerry wouldn’t have it any other way – though we haven’t had a local winner since Margaret O’Keefe in 1964. This year the enigmatic Jackie Healy Rae passed away, but the dynasty continues in earnest.

Come election time you can expect to see the people ‘who have dinner in the middle of the day’ pounding the byroads of the county promising locals they’ll ‘do their level best’ for them.

The stunning rock which sits 12km off the coast of South Kerry has been in the news recently as the cast and crew of the Disney Star Wars film headed back for more filming.

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We'll constantly work on improving the structures and procedures within the county board and the whole management set-up." And he said it had taken its toll on O'Sullivan and his family, explaining: "I don't think the general public realise the extent of the emotional trauma that man has gone through for the last 12 months, it's been incredible really.