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Interesting - lets save this for a blog topic next week. When will you be on TV with bloggers who have their faces pixelised? buffalo x8, andrew is quite free to ignore us little munchkins if he so chooses. Posted by: Lotus at November 29, 2006 PM And when Lotus reveals all, it's quite a treat. Posted by: vegemitekid abroad at November 29, 2006 PM wow!

My boyfriend also attests to the fact I was the same after 6 months.... I see your media empire is growing, growing, growing! Lotus, it's not important, I was just revelling in a bit of hypocrisy by chastising you and then being nosy myself ;) I see buffalo x8, so you are a hooved part-man, part-beast with wings AND a stickybeak?? Interesting debacle I am in, and I dont know what to do.

By my reckoning, the six month thing is definitely alive and well ... John and Emma and Claudia sounded nice on radio.... is it true the hosts sit around wearing trackky daks with beer and pizza balanced on their consoles? make sure you get Ask Sam 19 first post.will feel a lot better by then :) Or better still last post of 2006! "This man is a blogger so we can't see you his face." Good idea. As for the .j, Maria is quite right and you will have to come to a blogmeet to find out. LQQKING, ha ha, that's right, I'm one tough cookie! What was the story you had about the porn dress up party, Lotus? Posted by: LQQKING at November 29, 2006 PM Messing with Lotus sounds like an alright assignment... that is exactly what is happening in my relationship at the moment!!!

it's the "itch" which happens at certain points in a relationship, often at six months, 2 years, and then at the 7 year point. We have been together just over 6 months and things have definitely changed between us.

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