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Phil D’Amato is the only other conditioner in shouting distance with 19 wins.

only thing is I think they use multiple accounts at the same time.....

So best to only work a few at a time, i had 24 mailbox msg's in 15mins. If there are free dating sites then why should we go for paid services?

Sure, it sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true - every day is Valentine’s Day on Red Hot Dateline Red Hot Dateline, one of Teligence’s most popular phone chat services in North America, announces that its service is now free to try year round and not just on the eve of Valentine’s Day like most other dating services.

Instead of waiting for Cupid to show up with his bow and arrow, on Valentine’s Day and every other day, thousands of singles across the continent called in to chat with other singles without the burden and bouquets.

For those that havn't found the Dating72site I have been using it for the last three days and have had at least 5-6 replys per day.

Have a fun Easter Mac It's free, there are so many free sites out there that you don't really need to go near the paid sites.

The only thing that paid sites may offer that you won't always find on free sites is "bikini" shots but then half the challenge is getting your bait to send you one.