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Scyld scefing and the dating

Several characters mentioned in the poem also appear in other Old English or Scandinavian sources.

Both were used throughout the Middle Ages, although they were considered a single letter until quite recently.]Old English The history of writing in Britain begins with the Anglo-Saxons in the fifth century AD.

Often considered one of the more difficult languages to master thanks to the incredible amount of inconsistencies in the language, it should come as no surprise that the development of the modern English alphabet involved several languages, hundreds of years and a variety of conquers, missionaries and scholars.

Origins of Alphabetic Writing Dating back nearly four thousand years, early alphabetic writing, as opposed to other early forms of writing like, Semitic form of writing developed in Egypt between 18 BC.

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Poet.” The date of the poem’s composition is also unknown.

Arguments have been made for an origin as early as the 7th century CE.

Beowulf is, of course, its main protagonist, the great hero of the Geats.