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Brief selection from writers opposed to Socinianism.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Simmions issued at the instance of Joseph Duguid, against Patrick Leslie Duguid of Balquhain, and his sons, for the recovery of the estate of Balquhain— 1775 521-529 26. One of these natural sons, Andrew Leslie of Pitscurry, was the cause of a great feud between the Leslies and the Forbeses. Near this youll see where famed Harlaw was fought, When curst rebellion direful mischief wrought ; Here dreaded Donald from the Isles came down, Ilred with ambition, to attack the crown : Deep, canning, artfiil, he, by yarious wiles, Indeed the chieftain of the Western Isles. He married Murial Grant, daughter of Sir Donald Grant of Fruchie, a Highland chieftain. Patrick Leslie, sixth Baron of Balquhain, died 16th April 1496, and was succeeded by his son William Leslie, seventh Baron. At this time also, as John Leslie, Bishop of Ross, informs us in his History of Scotland, great feuds existed among the barons of Aberdeenshire, and particularly between the powerful families of Leslie and Forbes. He also added to the family estates the lands of WTiitecross, Inveramsay, Pitbee, and Newlands, w^hich he acquired by purchase.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. HISTORICAL RECORDS OF THE FAMILY OF LESLIE FROM 1067 TO 1868-9 CTollecteti from ^uiilic ifilecorlrj S anlr Slutfientic Pribate pe Clement X. nic'ar, etc., to Alexander Abercrombie — MJ70 17, dmrtir by Mary Queen of Scots, confirming (ihiir U'r of Sale of j Mirt of Syde — 1554 . to tenth Baron of Balqu- hain, and his wife, of barony of Fettemear, etc. Summons issued at the instance of Peter Leslie Grant, claimant of the Balquhain estates — 1766 495-516 24. Copy of Register written by Violet Leslie, wife of twenty-second Baron of Balquhain, in two blank leaves of Missal used in Domestic Chapel at Fettemear 629-531 27. Sir Andrew Leslie, son of Sir Hamelin Leslie, second Baron of Balqnhain, by his wife Ann Maxwell, succeeded his father as third Baron of Balquhain in 1378. He carried oflf the * Retour of Charteri, Signet Library, Edinburgh. daughter of Thomas Bisset of Balhagarty, commonly called the Fair Maid of Kemnay, and married her, — she being at the time betrothed to Sir John Forbes of Druminnor, ancestor of the Lords Forbes, and who was bailie to the Earl of Mar for the lands of Balhagarty. of the Baxon of Cray, chief of the Clan Allan, and who was called the Fair Maid of Strathdon ; others say that the lady he carried oflf was a daughter of Sir James Stewart of Inveravon, also called the Fair Maid of Strathdon. L Andrew, Third Baron of I Balqukain, m STOEICAL KECORDS OF Sir Andrew Leslie, third Baxon of Balquhain, was slain, as has been narrated, at Braco, 22d | January 1 420, and was succeeded by his eldest son, j Sir William Leslie, fourth Baron of Balquhain. Here Mar resolved the rebel force to try, To tame his prowess, or, attempting, die. SWA No :'n:' depute of Aberdeen, which gave a decreet in favour of James Skene of Skene, against Joneta de Keith, and her uncle Sir William Keith, Great Marischal of Scotland, regarding the lands of Ledoch of Skene, the Kirktown of Skene, and various other lands, at Aberdeen, 21st February 1467. A sharp war was carried on between these two families, in which many barons, gentlemen of great consideration, and others of inferior rank, fell, and many murders were com- mitted. William Leslie of Balquhain was one of the jury in the service and retour of Abercromby of Birkenbog, at Banff, Slst October 1506, and he was chancellor of a jury consisting of fifteen persons, at the Burgh Court of Aberdeen, held 12th December 1544 for the trial of de- faulters. Alexander Galloway two acres of the barony of Balquhain, which this excellent man, by a charter * Qoixlon Papers, Spalding Club Mucdlanif^ vol.

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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. By this indenture, Andrew de Leslie of Syde and Balquhain got a grant of £13 : 6 ; 8 of annual rent, out of the lands of Leslie and Cushnie, fi:om Sir Andrew de Leslie, Dominus Ejusdem, and his son Norman* Sir Andrew Leslie seems to have been a turbu- lent baron, and of very loose morals. Sir William Leslie, fourth Baron of Balquhain, died 18th April 1467, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Alexander Leslie, fifth Baron. He sold Findlater in Tough to Duncan Forbes of Druminnor. A Daughter, married to John Ogilvie of Tillesmachie. He married, secondly, a daughter of Cuming of Coulter, by whom he had three daughters, married respectively to Sir John Rutherford in Aberdeen, David Anderson in Aberdeen, and John Stewart in Strathdon. At Aberdeen, 12th February 1527, before the Lords-Justices and Componitors, William Leslie of Balquhain and John Leslie of Wardis entered into an obligation for themselves, their kin, friends, tenents, servants, adherents, and partakers, that they would not molest, vex, inquiet, or trouble, the provost, bailies, coimcil, community and inhabitants of the burgh of Aberdeen, or any one of them, in any manner of way, in time coming, in their persons, lands, or goods, otherwise than the law will, under a penalty of £2000. Although this peace continued to be maintained between the Leslies and the Forbeses, yet there always remained animosities between the families, because the house of Balquhain and its numerous branches always adhered to the Earls of Huntly THE FAMILY OF LESLIE.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. He had a numerous progeny of natural children, from whom many Leslies are descended The Leslies of Buchanstone, Andrew Leslie of Cortashy, James Leslie in Aberdeen, David Leslie in Meikle Dumo, Gteorge Leslie in Drumdollo, Andrew Leslie in Pitscurry, and many others, were all descended from, or were natural sons of, Sir Andrew Leslie. Alexander Leslie married, first, Janet Gordon, daughter of the Laird of Caimbarrow, whose successors became Barons of Eothiemay. Alexander Leslie, fifth Baron of Balquhain, died 10th April 1472, and was succeeded by his son Patrick Leslie, sixth Baron. Patrick Leslie, son of Alexander Leslie, fifth Baron of Balquhain, by his wife Janet Gordon of Caimbarrow, succeeded his father as sixth Baxon, 10th April 1472. William Leslie, son of Patrick Leslie, sixth Baron of Balquhain, by his wife Murial Grant^ CHAP. After this affair, great precautions were taken by the Magistrates of Aberdeen to prevent the recurrence of such an assault The ports or gates of the burgh were ordered to be repaired ; the vennels, back-dykes, and waste places, to be built up ; a watch to be kept by sixteen persons every night, and two sentinels in every steeple by day, to give the alarm on the appearance of any horse- men ; all able men to be supplied with culverins, cross-bows, hand-bows, and shooting-pieces; ten additional gunners to be engaged for the artillery, and wappenshaws to be held weekly. 19 i in their quarrels with the Forbeses, and William Leslie of Balquhain was one of those who signed the general band of noblemen and barons of the North, whereby they bound themselves to George, Earl of Huntly, to obey him in his office of Lieutenant of the North, and to search, seek, and apprehend malefactors, and to punish them, or to deliver them to the Judge-ordinary of the said Lord-lieutenant — dated at Elgin 8 th December 1544." In 1530, William Leslie repaired, or rather rebuilt the castle of Balquhain, which had been burned by the Forbeses, and he erected the noble square tower or keep, so as to make the castle a place of some strength, and capable of offering resistance to any further assault.