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"At no time was the care of clients put at risk as the services provided by Caremark are delivered at the client's home.

The chief executive of Caremark, which provides home help services across the UK, expressed shock at the allegations and said two internal investigations are under way.

Kevin Lewis said the care of clients was not at risk as the incident appeared to have taken place in an office, although the Caremark website indicates that the families of those being cared for do sometimes visit the offices.

MUMBAI: A 35-year-old businessman from Rajkot has been arrested for allegedly creating a fake Facebook account of his sister-in-law, who is from Mumbai, and using it for sex chats with her Facebook friends.

When officials of the cyber crime police station at Bandra-Kurla Complex tracked him down, he claimed that he was annoyed that his mother favoured his brother's wife to his.

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While sexual intercourse can create warm and fuzzy feelings for both women and men, it also tends to make men sleepy—at least in the short-term.

In other words, pair-bonding provides motivation to share parental chores, which benefits offspring.

Evolutionarily speaking, romantic attachment is a good thing for the human race.

There are three main brain chemicals that work to bring long-term couples closer together after intercourse: oxytocin and vasopressin—known as the attachment hormones—and dopamine, the reward chemical.

This cocktail of chemicals evolved, according to Fisher, to enable couples to bond long enough to raise at least one infant together.

The woman clarified to them that she had nothing to do with that account.