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Sex dating in clayton new mexico

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were “willfully blind and dumb” to what was occurring, or at least should have known that Walden was “abusing his patients.”“When made aware of possible instances of sexual abuse and potential violations of inmate rights, companies such as GEO and Corizon cannot simply maintain the status quo at their facilities, but must act immediately to put a stop to such misconduct,” Albuquerque attorney Brad Hall in a lawsuit that settled in May 2014.“Otherwise, as happened here, over a period of a couple of years, dozens of inmates are victimized, each being told that rectal and prostrate exams are ‘normal’ and ‘routine’ for scrapes, allergies, sore shoulders, sprained ankles or any conditions causing inmates to see the prison doctor,” Hall alleged.

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Copyright © 2016 Albuquerque Journal A 15th lawsuit has been filed against a former New Mexico prison doctor accused of sexual assault in performing unnecessary, intrusive rectal exams on inmates at two state prisons.

To date, about 78 inmates have alleged in lawsuits that they were sexually victimized by Dr.

Albuquerque attorney Frances Carpenter, who filed two of the earliest lawsuits against in 2013, told the Journal she hopes the litigation underscores the need for reporting of sexual crimes in prison.“I think these cases have created an awareness that this happens, and we’re hoping that other inmates who suffer sexual abuse aren’t afraid to come forward,” she said.