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You have the power to change your destiny and I’m all for using any means necessary to get what your heart desires. Please check out my video and let me know in the comments what other topics you want me to tackle in You Tube land.

But at worst, she perpetuates the worst stereotypes of both women and men.

While Susan Patton’s advice is horribly regressive for women, as a feminist Princeton student, I find it incredibly insulting to men.

As Drag Race Obsessives this is of course the most exciting Monday news since, well, since season two of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars was announced last week.

You may think that what you do is not going to have an impact on us, but realize that it does.

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I am writing about the girls who were left disappointed by some guy in their life.

As we discuss in our DVD for parents, talk about what an amazing gift intimacy is WHEN everything is present for mutually amazing intimacy (trust, comfort, safety, attraction, KNOWLEDGE, verbal communication, maturity, sober, legal age, and more).