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The dating game series

Two contestants also provide a post-mortem on their blind date.

Business Insider spoke to Sauerland about what he calls "the greatest prize in boxing." "The World Boxing Super Series will create the next superstars in world boxing," Sauerland says. It needs the guy with a wonky eye chomping on a cigar.

"This tournament does not detract from the day-to-day nature of boxing but it is completely the way forward for the sport. Agents, managers, promoters, fighters, and organisations are all part of the sport's ecosystem.

Dating game show Blind Date ran for more than a decade in the United Kingdom and the United States.

At two seasons, the Kiwi version proved less of a long-stayer.

It allows fighters to avoid each other if they campaign in different organisations. The tournament begins with a quarterfinal round in September and, providing they keep winning, they will reach the finals in May 2018.

Sauerland's new tournament, the World Boxing Super Series, puts boxing politics to one side and brings elite fighters from all of rivals organisations into a single elimination competition. The two champions will bank the lion's share of the $50 million (£38.4 million) prize fund on offer.

All we're doing is adding a stand-out event akin to the Tour de France in cycling, Wimbledon in tennis, and The Open Championship in golf.