Start Tupac and left eye dating

Tupac and left eye dating

Twenty years ago, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Andre “Bad Moon” Rison were one of the country’s most recognizable unions.

By this time, I was Pop Music Critic at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

My job was to report on all of the stars of Atlanta’s burgeoning hip-hop and R&B scene.

Everything has a double meaning." A fair share of stars guest on the album.

As an entertainment journalist, I’ve met and interviewed a lot of celebrities. In fact, sometimes while flipping through old clips, I’m like, “I interviewed them? I think this is because I had such a full circle experience with her.

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[Verse 1: Left Eye] Untouchable, look at how you found me I'm lookin' around, sayin' these are my friends It's a strange world, my enemies are my friends More of the same street, same world, same problems Is it different?

The Gemini and aggressive third of TLC, Lopes was an irreplaceable fixture in the group’s two platinum and one gold singles (“Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg,” “Baby-Baby-Baby,” and “What About Your Friends,” respectively).

As impressive as those numbers were, Lopes’s were perhaps more gaudy.

(You can read my recollections of the day below.) One of the themes we kept coming back to in our conversation was death: her thoughts about friends she’d lost like the late Tupac Shakur; her own mortality; and her ideas about spirituality and the afterlife.

This is why it felt so eerie when, less than a year later, I found out that Lisa had died in a car accident.

T-Boz couldn’t make it through a sentence without breaking down, and she quickly had to get off the line.

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