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Updating att tilt

Asides from maybe a little fine tuning under the hood, the "official" version and the "leaked" versions are basically the same thing.

However, the added features make it a worthy upgrade from the AT&T 8525.

The AT&T Tilt will be available starting October 5 for $299.99 with a two-year contract, which isn't too bad considering all the features you get with this device.

Fortunately, the Today screen can be customized to the hilt with plug-ins, themes, and UI refinements.

It's packed with all the features a mobile professional could want in a smartphone: the full range of wireless options, including UMTS/HSDPA support and GPS, Windows Mobile 6 (AT&T's first WM6 device, in fact), and strong messaging capabilities.

The default Today screen is atrocious and downright scary.

If this is a person’s first introduction to Windows Mobile, it’s a terribly unfriendly welcome.

Whether you know it as the AT&T 8925, the HTC Kaiser, or the HTC Ty TN II, this highly anticipated Windows Mobile 6 smartphone officially got its crowning today as the AT&T Tilt.

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