Start Updating cpu a7n8x x

Updating cpu a7n8x x

It also is responsible for loading an operating system from your hard drive such as Windows.

Anything I want to do with it is impossible cuz my hands are tied due to the bios having just about everything hidden from the bios menu :banghead: If anyone can help or maybe just maybe someone knows of a 'backdoor' to the normal bios menu that gives you clock freq and stepping etc....

I will bow to you as a GOD Thanks anyone if you can help me.

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oh tidbit the A7N8X-LA is considered basically a A7N8X-VM but with firewire support as far as Ive seen the whole board is identical in chipsets except for the additional firewire interface. I was going to give it a shot and just try reflashing to the A7N8X-VM bios but......

since I dont have an original one for the LA I wont (maybe I can find a bios image grabber and just save this original one???

These are fairly basic readings for a high-performance BIOS, but it's quite acceptable nonetheless.

The Advanced Chipset Features section includes a fair amount of options.

The A7N8X BIOS has some fairly decent voltage tweaking capability.

First off, Vcore is adjustable in .025V increments all the way up to 1.85V.

If you can not find the exact driver for your BIOS device, you can request the driver and we will find it for you.