Start Updating outlook express 6

Updating outlook express 6

Report a Bug to Microsoft Top of page Hyperlinks in messages stop working If clicking a hyperlink in Outlook Express appears to do nothing at all, there are likely one or more registered file associations that are configured incorrectly.

Also verify that "Show replies to my messages" is not checked or you will see only replies to your messages.

If the Current View setting is correct, then the *file for the problem folder has been damaged or deleted.

At the item Account name: type your Internet username in lower case.

The Internet Connection Wizard may fill this field with the first part of your e-mail address.

Realizing that many ISP's mail servers have a more restrictive options (ie. Head over to our General Email Troubleshooting page to see if your issue can be resolved there or give us a call at either of the numbers at the top of our website!

not being able to send to more than 100 people at a time) as they are usually residential mail servers, we have opened an alternative port to allow you to send mail using our mail servers, one that the ISPs do not block.

Click the top left square to close that window and return to the main [Account settings] screen. In order to combat spam, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block traffic to external servers on port 25 so that customers using that ISP can only use the ISP's mail server.

If that customer is going to spam, the idea is that they must use the ISP's mail server to spam and therefore be caught very quickly, and handled accordingly.

Click the top left square to close that window and return to the main [Account settings] screen.

Click on the [Click here for advanced sending options] button below [SMTP server] at the bottom of the screen. Put a dot in the option [Use same settings as incoming mail server].

Conversely, Outlook stores each message as an individual file.