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Updating rockstar games

Prepare different types of donuts to please all the clients. This cool trend rocked a few years back at rock concerts in order to support the bands.

Give her a cute makeover, so when a boyfriend comes looking for a nice perfume, she'll be able to really impress and...

Publisher: Rockstar Release: TBA 2012Being a numbered GTA title is a big deal.

We know GTA V is set in Los Santos, Rockstar's take on Los Angeles, and that it may have multiple protagonists.

where dozens of players may run around committing mayhem simultaneously, is mostly about making money — surprise, surprise.

Complicated bank heists, selling contraband goods and doing odd jobs for the boss hoodlums in Answer: To keep the gameplay environment fair we have removed illegitimately gained in-game money from player accounts.

Barbie is getting ready to bear her second child and it seems that this is going to happen today.

Will you be with Barbie and Ken on this very special day? Barbie has been invited to visit Wonderland by her good girl friend Alice.

Have you already decided how to spend your winter holidays? There is a big fuss at Monster High today: this evening the schools beauty pageant is taking place!