Start Updating songs on ipod

Updating songs on ipod

[Note]: Depending on which model of i Pod you own, you may want to still keep i Tunes around for firmware updates, application downloads, and other advanced features that one or more of these programs may not be capable of.

I'm so used to it, but when I think about it for a second, I realize how that is (and yes, I know I can turn my phone sounds off, but sometimes I have to be alerted to things quickly).

Apologies if I sound like Andy Rooney, but the truth is I’m not railing against newfangled tech or yearning for a distant past—I’m frustrated to have to abandon a recent solution.

Recently I had a fairly pedestrian thought, a thought I've been having on and off for 10 years: "I want to put some music onto my portable music listening device." This used to be a relative cinch: I'd put the music on i Tunes, plug in my i Pod, and drag the songs over.

Now, anytime I dare hook my i Phone up to a computer, there's software that needs updating, apps and photos I need to clear away for extra room, and esoteric rules regarding what is allowed to "sync." After finally getting an album onto my phone, another software update a week later reverted my music library to its previous state, putting me back at square one and making me long for my i Pod, the last device I owned that was found absence was making hearts grow fonder.

How can I check if I have music stored on my i OS device?

You can check the number of songs stored on your i OS device by going to Settings About.

The smartphone is a miracle, to be sure, but it might not be making things simpler.