Start Validating identy problems

Validating identy problems

Alright, I thought, annoying, but I'll be patient and wait a while. The instructions were to click 'profile', click 'preferences', select 'change name'. We hear you about the frustration with ID verification. However, right now our automated system is the best solution for most people in order to verify their identity.

Go even further with real world identity verification Biometric facial recognition takes Face Match one step further to ensure the person is physically who they say they are and have possession of the documentation to prove it.

Whether you make high-volume checks on the move or office-based checks, our verification systems can support your processes, help save you time and protect your business.

Our systems capture images and data from an identity document, via a scanner or mobile device, and then process and cross-reference the information to confirm whether the document is valid and that the photograph on the document matches the person presenting it.

Yes, there are some people waiting 3 days for responses, but we're working to improve this.

Response times will also fluctuate with the amount of traffic we get, and the past few days have definitely been a huge surge for everything bitcoin--which is a good thing. I can't get the ID verification system to take it no matter how many times I try it, so actually I would want to wait a week or more to have it approved - as opposed to having it validated never, which is the situation right now.

Netverify provides an intuitive and satisfying user experience that takes less than a minute to complete.

Now your customers can perform traditionally high-risk transactions quickly and easily via online or mobile-based channels.

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