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Validating media

HTTP Live Streaming allows you to send live or prerecorded audio and video to i Phone, i Pad, and other devices including desktop computers, using an ordinary Web server.

As part of validation, your RTO must have a documented plan which describes: Moderation is a quality control process aimed at bringing assessment judgements into alignment.

Moderation is generally conducted before the finalisation of student results as it ensures the same decisions are applied to all assessment results within the same unit of competency.

However, it is not just identifying influencers that is important, but also the ability to validate them by predicting the success of influencers selected prior to the start of a campaign.

The Media Stream Validator is part of the HTTP Live Streaming Tools package, which contains several prerelease command-line tools that are used for deployment and validation of HTTP Live Streaming solutions.i OS Developer Program members and Mac Developer Program members can download the tools as part of the HTTP Live Streaming Tools package. If you are an i OS Developer Program member or a Mac Developer Program member, you can download the latest versions from the Apple Developer website.

Validation is a quality review process that confirms your RTO’s assessment system can consistently produce valid assessment judgements.

A valid assessment judgement is one that confirms a learner holds all of the knowledge and skills described in a training product.

Security applications, on the other hand, don’t have standard benchmark data sets—the last relevant data set goes back to the 1999 KDD data set on network intrusions from an artificially created network by Lincoln Labs.