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“Breast cancer survivors offer a unique understanding of the value of life—and love.”) The women you’re about to meet— Jenny, Kristina, and Nicole—are proof.

By the time you eliminate those without a high school diploma (21 percent), the unemployed (17 percent) and those ages 25-34 who are incarcerated (8 percent), you have only half of black men, 54 percent, whom many black women find acceptable.” Here, the article assembles numbers to assert, rather audaciously, that nearly half of all black men in America are unworthy of marriage because of their undesirable social characteristics.

First, for this statement to be true there has to be zero overlap in these categories.

Dr Tandra Patnaik deserves special encomium for filling up a major gap in knowledge.

Present-day philosophy gives considerable attention to the distinction between the knowable and the sayable, to what is said and what is meant and to the distinction between the semantics of ordinary day-to-day discourse and the literary discourse.

Fortunately for him, and a strategic move of epic proportions, he prefaced that blog with the news of his engagement so it tempered the comments.

Still, I noticed a number of comments attacking the points put forth in the blog supporting the notion, “black men are winning.” I began to wonder why.

My answers: Laundry is my favorite chore, and I’m a breast cancer survivor. The first guy I had sex with after cancer was a beautiful, tattooed philosopher. I’m glad they do, though; now I’m using them to find The One. I have bikini shots on my profile because I’m proud of my body: I want to show my “shark bite”—the scar on my belly from the reconstruction—and my ' Frankenboob,' which used to be higher than the other one but has fallen into place.

I was coming out of a sh-tty six months—I’d been diagnosed as stage I, at age 34, and had a right-side mastectomy, chemo, and a new breast reconstructed using tissue from my belly. So when I met this man at a bar on a rare night out with a girlfriend, I was out of practice; my sexuality was asleep. Then he touched my new breast, which I could not and will not ever feel, and I started crying, angry, like, ' Don’t bother! ' He looked me in the eye and said, ' But you remember, right? ' Well, then, close your eyes and remember.' It was the most beautiful thing anyone could have said to me. Guys who read my profile say, ' Congratulations on your survivorship!

EBM quoted mainly from a Wall Street Journal article alleging that in order to cure the black marriage “problem” more black women should date interracially.

He also cited another write-up called, The [Nightline] article asserts, “Let’s take 100 black men.

The Bible's counsel in regards to marriage is that one is only look for a person to marry who is "in the Lord", or within the same congregation of believers and worshipers of Jehovah God.