Start Were eminem and mariah carey dating

Were eminem and mariah carey dating

"I hope she happy/know she happy, paparazzi snapping," he raps.

Going all the way back to “Bagpipes From Baghdad” from Em’s , it got really ugly.

Even Carey’s then-husband Nick Cannon took shots at Eminem on the “I’m A Slick Rick” diss record.

Eminem's sixth studio album Relapse (2009) features a song entitled "Bagpipes from Baghdad", with lyrics suggesting that Eminem is still in love with Carey, and features insulting comments about the singer and her then husband Nick Cannon.

After, Cannon made a post on his website, defending Carey and expressing his disgust at the rapper's comments, Eminem responded to his comment by saying he meant well and that the song is actually "wishing the couple the best", and later noted that he respected Cannon for his comment, expecting him to defend his wife.

There’s a reason Hip Hop was built off of healthy competition and I’m fearless.

I got fearless tattooed all over my body in a sense where I’ve never been scared of another individual. He and I have interesting conversations from time to time.” From Cannon’s point of view, he did what any man would have done in his situation.

There was a moment in rap history when Eminem made many foes out of mainstream pop culture.