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Who is ezra koenig dating

Tumblr users around the world fan themselves over Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder's supposedly epic love story, but what they either don't know or don't care about is that in August 1989, when the couple first announced their relationship, Ryder was seventeen years old. Lead singer of the band Good Charlotte, whose only worthwhile contribution to the world was I Don't Wanna be in Love, probably shouldn't have been in love with Hilary Duff who was just sixteen when they started dating.

Either grown out like 2008 or this short small child thing imo.

But that just makes this — the purported “top of the year” — a perfectly good time for nonsense predictions. In late December, with the nation wrapped up in the preemptive pageantry of the holiday season, a remix of ILove Makonnen’s “Down 4 So Long” — featuring the Queens rapper Despot, alongside Mr. For kicking off 2014 as a complete unknown, Makonnen’s had about as good a year imaginable, and you would have been forgiven for imagining it was Koenig set to enjoy a runoff of hipness by popping up on said remix.

Other famous notches on her bedpost include Tobey Maguire, Jon Favreau and Colin Jost.

But with the recent outrage over Tyga and Kylie Jenner's age inappropriate relationship, it's time to expose some beloved (or not) celebs for their ephebophile ways.

Koenig begins by asking Carles if indie still exists. What people believe 'sounds' like indie still lives on in the fringes of Bandcamps, content farms of yesteryear, and in the hearts of regretful thirtysomethings." Carles later asks Koenig, "Do you think that larger-than-life celebritydom is 'back'/a safer play now that the indie/'all access' [via the internet] phase is over? The amateur/professional dichotomy is just about destroyed now.

" to which Koenig responds: As for your question, I advise everyone to pursue larger-than-life celebrity. The world has spoken, and it prefers genuine fakes to fake genuines. The biggest celebrities now show the openness/vulnerability/'realness' that was once associated with 'confessional' 'bedroom' indie. I guess you're right—similar to the modern artisan, 'indie' feels like a 'false construct.' It neither leans into the dominant narrative of late-capitalist-Information-Age-celebrity nor challenges it.

I feel like he had to style his 2013 hair which is dorky having to get out a hair dryer and moose every morning.