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Who is louis otieno dating

After several years of pushing the tech, which takes advantage of unused TV broadcast spectrum, Microsoft hopes to convince other nations to make the legal/regulatory changes to start using it as well.

." Her main takeaway point being that the i Hub is a platform, and it’s what YOU do with it that is important.

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91.704m -280.183% FY Profit [loss] after taxation [2.836732b] vs. [9.37] -17.076% Shareholders Equity [2.097377b] vs. 0.739355b -383.677% No dividend Company Commentary performance was impacted by the closure of non performing branches in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya and supply chain challenges. 0.432777b -911.75% Profit [Loss] after taxation [3.421360b] vs.

Following the lead of co-founder Bill Gates Microsoft is taking more interest in Africa, announcing its 4Afrika Initiative with a stated aim of improving the continent's global competitiveness.

There are several plans under way as a part of the project, with one of the first being a new Windows Phone 8 device from Microsoft and Huawei.

After the goal, the match slowed down as Ingwe sought to play with caution to protect their lead while Bidco tried to find an equalizer but were also watchful not to concede more.

The two teams went into halftime with the scores at 1-0.

Kizito did not take long to announce his arrival in to the match as he picked up a pass from Aziz Okaka and placed it beyond reach for Bidco custodian Okeyo to take the scores to 2-0.