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Who is sporty spice dating

The Spice Girls will always be a massive part of our lives The ultimate queens of our childhoods, the ’90s, and advocates of friendship (it never ends, you know) have inspired a generation of young people with their jazzy pop songs and dedication to Girl Power.

about what she considers her most mature and honest album to date, the social media-centric fame game of today, and, yes, why she won't be part of a Spice Girls reunion any time soon. Tell me about your journey writing and recording this album. It just felt like life kept on happening and all of these scenarios kept coming up, and it was really inspiring.

I didn't feel like I was repeating myself because I was just taking my time, so that was really cool.

She’s celebrating her seventh solo album, , and she’s Skype-ing with me from London to discuss music, the ‘90s, her personal style, and more.

Early on in our chat, I make the mistake of asking her for her star sign.

That’s a Spice Girl historian party foul, because I should know it, since I’ve watched enough times to remember every line.

“Oy, don’t you be startin’ on Capricorns,” she shouted to Ginger, as Posh endured that infamous wardrobe crisis, and Mel B looked for her stolen boots.

But the stuff she's doing now is actually really impressive — the clothes embody her style without feeling corny, and they feature clean, classic cuts. Like her fellow Spice Girls, Geri has done a little of this, a little of that, dabbling in books, solo albums, and TV projects. Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (2001) did moderately well in the U. She's been featured on tons of British series, but the shows you know best are probably American Idol and The X Factor.