Start Wmp not updating cd info

Wmp not updating cd info

The problem is that WMP doesn't notice this - it just sits there thinking it's still got the previous CD.

I can work around the problem by closing WMP and then either ejecting and re-inserting the CD or going to My Computer and double clicking on the CD drive icon to force it to Autoplay.

There's no Refresh button in WMP to make it check what's actually in the drive.

Some of our readers wanted to know how to update the album information for the tracks in their music library and how to add album covers, so that they show up in Windows Media Player.

In this tutorial we will try to cover both topics as good as possible.

Type the name of the artist and the album and then click on and Windows Media Player will update all the tracks from the album to include all the available information.

This can include details such as music genre, publisher, year of publishing, album art, etc.

If the search will return no results, you will have to update the existing information and include what you know about it.

In this example, both the album and the artist are unknown.

How I can I force windows media player to update the album art info?

I think the album art thumbnails are cached by wmp. These files contain the album art that was automatically downloaded by WMP, so it might be a good idea to back them up first.

2) Go to the media library screen, in this screen you can see all the music files in a chronological order.