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The only proper response to this is that you will never tell anyone who you voted for. After building a bot to handle conversations with women on Tinder and OKC, he's been out with hundreds of women.

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Ownership Of Content Tc114owns every bit of content here. In spite of how cute and funny they may seem; I must admit that I spend some time putting them together. There’s just no excuse for you NOT to ask my permission. I want to prove to you that dating is a fun activity.

If you voted for Hillary, you're either a marxist women or a onesy-sporting, hipster-glasses wearing, fart-sniffing beta. If the cunt giving you the Guantanamo interrogation over your vote is far left, and you didn't vote for Hillary, you're a misogynist pig. Many people, especially women, will give you the full-on Spanish Inquisition, begging, prodding, and pleading to know you who voted for. If your interrogator continues, you can play the south park joke: Even the New York Times admits that Hillary and Trump had the lowest approval ratings of candidates in the history of presidential elections.